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The recipe is for pasta with a sausage and ricotta sauce, very easy to make but really nice.

  • 5 heapingTbsp fresh ricotta
  • 1 fresh sausage
  • 25 cl milk
  • nutmeg
  • black pepper
  • cinnamon
  • 150g pasta (your favourite shape - I favour penne or pipe rigate)

Peel the sausage and crumble into tiny pieces.
Brown - WITHOUT ANY ADDED FAT - in a non stick pan.
When brown, add the milk and cook over a moderate heat (the time it will take you to cook the pasta).
The milk will curdle and reform itself into some type of cream, don't worry about this: it is completely normal.

Cook the pasta al dente in plenty of salted water.

While everything is cooking, beat the ricotta to a cream with a fork, add a generous amount of pepper, grated nutmeg and a little grated cinnamon (You should be just able to taste the cinnamon behind the other spices).

When the pasta is ready, toss in the pan with the milk and sausage and top with the ricotta mix.
Give it a good stir, so that all the ingredients blend.

Complain that the portion is too small.

Special Notes:
You can obviously use more pasta per person (I use 75g because we eat it as a first dish - Italians would normally eat 100g per person).

For every other two persons, double the quantities.

The original recipe also calls for Pecorino cheese to be grated over the pasta. I tried it both ways and prefer the "without" version.

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  • Sounds absolutely delicious!
    • It is.
      My favourite pasta recipe with the carots and vodka one.
      • carots and vodka pasta

        ???????????? I don't know this one.
        • Re: carots and vodka pasta

          I'll post it next week.
          I love the sauce so much that I can eat it even without pasta.
          But then again i LOVE carrots.
          • Re: carots and vodka pasta

            Carrots are good - Me luf too! Vodka also good but not luf me too much!
            • Re: carots and vodka pasta

              There is only a little vodka tossed in at the end. And it can be left out.
  • *avoids crude jokes regarding length, girth*

    Okay: by "one sausage," do we mean your standard banger? Or a rope-type sausage?

    I have some (i.e., four) beefy teriyaki bangers in the freezer, y'see. Though I don't know how weird beefy teriyaki sausages might be with cinnamon and nutmeg. I've also got some Chinese five-spice around here somewhere. Hmm.

    • Re: *avoids crude jokes regarding length, girth*

      The standard Italian sausage is slightly bigger (in lenght and diametre) to what the Brits refer to as a banger. But a plain one will do.
      Better not use the fancy ones as they would hide the lovely spices that are in the sauce.
  • ooh, I like that! what sort of sausage is this supposed to be? (I live in sausage land, so I'm in danger of using something unfitting)
    • The plain-est (but also the leanest) pork sausage you can find (or sausage meat - about 100g shoud do). the ones I use are about 10 cm long and have about 3 cm diametre.
  • This sounds veeeeeery interesting. I am not sure if there is a 'plain' Italian sausage here. They insist on adding fennel and a few other things. But, may be that is OK? Garlic and other spices?

    It sounds really good.
    • Any spice in the sausage will cover those in the ricotta.
      We are talking about subtile flavours there.
      So do try and find a plain one. Or make your own sausage meat...
    • At the end, that was my intent--make my own sausage mix. I've done that in the past when 'sausage' meat was required. A good Hungarian always has several sausage recipies handy...
    • I have some fresh local pork - couldn't I just grind it up?

      ...and then you added diced pumpkin pieces?
      • Sure. Just add a littel salt and pepper and keep some fat in it.
        Tiny dices of pumpkin indeed, sautéed with the sausage meat from the start.
        • Sounds wonderful.

          'The weather outside is frightful,
          But in here it's so delightful
          We've got onions, sausage and tatties,
          turnips swedes and fresh pork patties
          let it rain, let it pour - pass the wine.

          I'm starting to get in the mood for autumn food.
          • Autumn food is GREAT.
            Mushrooms should be in full swing for when you arrive.
            • OOOMMMmmmmmmmmmARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
              • Or maybe not. We would need a little rain for mushroom to grow and it rained only twice since the end of June...
                • I'll have a chat with the rain Gods. We are having a super mushroom season - chanterelles are everywhere.
                  • I LOVE those.

                    I am feeling SO hungry today (ever since 07:00) which can be blamed on having eaten a little too much yesterday evening (for some reason I always feel more hungry the morning after when I have eaten too much!).
                    • I think that eating more than we are accustomed to re-sets our apestat so all the that all the signals are skewed for awhile. I get the same reactions.
                      • After just having had lunch I feel better and more a peace with the universe...
                        Of course, I ate too fast and I took one portion of grapes too many (but I can have these as snack if need be).
                        • I think you do very well. I wish i could control my eating impulses as well as you do.
                          • I like to think I can control my body (which I can't really: it will every now and then remind me of this by going on strike).
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