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Some Eggplant salad for Adriana

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Some Eggplant salad for Adriana

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For NOMINALLY 4 persons:

  • Some eggplants (at least one per person) - the recipe calls for 600 gr
  • Red wine vinegar - recipe calls for 5cl - OR - the equivalent in lemon juice
  • fresh mint - a small bunch - OR - basil
  • Olive oil - recipe calls for 5cl
  • A clove of garlic - OR - none whatsoever
  • Salt
  • Pepper



This recipe comes in two versions: one involving vinegar and mint in the dressing - the other one involving lemon juice and basil instead. They are both excellent.
Dice the eggplants (not too small, the size you should be aiming at is the same you might want to use for chunks of meat in a stew or a curry).
Put them in a pan of cold water and let them stay there for half an hour.

Meanwhile, crush the clove of garlic in a bowl, add the vinegar (or lemon juice) and oil and chop the mint leaves (or basil) in there.

Bring a large pot of salted water to the boil.
Drain the eggplant and toss into the boiling pot.
When the water starts to boil again, cook for 15 minutes.
Test the chunks, they should be thoroughly cooked.
(alternatively, you can cook them in the microwave - I  use 10 minutes on 900W)

Drain again and once you think all the water has gone out, spread the eggplant on a clean tea towel, so it can absorb more water off.
Leave standing for 15 minutes.

Then toss into the bowl and mix carefully.
Leave for at least an hour in the fridge before eating.
Pepper to taste. You should not be needing to add salt.


Special Notes:
Dead easy recipe BUT there is a large amount of waiting - so it is time if not effort consuming - AND it is better if done the day before, so the flavours can develop.

This recipe is special : Eggplants dishes are usually fairly fat because the vegetable soak in all the grease. In this case, the eggplant bits are saturated with water, fact which does not allow them to embark too much dressing, so the recipe has very few calories (137 kcal per serving - in principle 4 in the recipe)

I love this and am able to eat large quantities all by myself, with the clean conscience of the recipe being virtually fat free and that eggplants are actually helping reduce cholesterol.
So: make plenty.
If you have leftovers, they will taste even better the following day.

And Cesare has not eaten our leftover yet (had too much to eat yesterday evening), so I shall be able to take a picture of it...

Done !

  • Molto grazissimo! That's super and just in time as I am determined to lose at least 2 kilos by the end of September. It's just the kind of recipe I need.
  • Fantastic! I shall make that tomorrow!! Thank you!
  • If I didn't hate eggplant, this would be something I'd try :)
  • We started with the price of eggplants and ended with the fall of Troy--Goldoni.

    Oh, that is wonderful! And I do love eggplants. I got the eggplant and I'll get it started tonight for tomorrow. It's going to be part of dinner tomorrow; with a nice slice of bread and fruit.

    Thank you, merci beaucoup and mille grazie! Muchas gracias. I'll take a photo of it. :)

    By the way, did I tell you that the caponata was the best I ever had?
  • DONE! Waiting in the refrigerator to develop flavors and be consumed. it smells wonderful (all that garlic... and mint...) It doesn't look quite so beautiful as yours--different kind of eggplant, I guess; but, I'll photoshop it! Hahahaha!
  • here it is!

    The great moment!

    • Re: here it is!

      Looks nice enough.
      Was it good ?
      • Re: here it is!

        Just 'nice enough'? I think it's a masterpiece !

        Oh, it was goooooood. That photo was taken, in the nick of time, just minutes before it was inhaled. :) I had a fork in my hand while I took the photo...
  • I made it! And am having a hard time waiting for lunch... I just tried a few pieces and it is DELICIOUS! And really easy to make too, you just need time!
    • Glad you like it. I could make it every single week but Cesare is not too fond of it... He prefers his eggplant fried or alla parmigiana.
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